Retractable Stand Quality Comparison

When you choose a retractable banner stand it can be difficult to pick the right one for your use. The purpose of this page is to break down each one we carry showing the primary use and longevity of the product.

Economy Stands

The economy trade show stand is a budget stand designed for those looking to keep cost down while still having a very nice looking booth. We try to emphasize the primary difference between our stands is the usage cycle and durability. The economy stand is made of aluminum but is considerably thinner than the standard and premium retractable banner stands. Finally, the economy stand is designed for those that attend 5 or fewer trade shows a year or those that setup their stand and leave it up for display.

Standard Stands

You can't go wrong with a standard stand. These are built with stand moderate trade show use. Durable aluminum case is thicker than the economy stand and includes a thicker carry case also.

Premium Stands

Our premium stands are the nicest standard we offer. These are for the trade show road warrior that visits many shows a year. The aluminum case on this one is built like a tank and is significantly stronger than both the standard and economy stand. An additional benefit is that the premium stand accepts a standard cartridge allowing you to replace the graphic while keeping the stand and case.

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