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Choose your team colors and make a baseball banner for your middle school or junior high that really gets the team pumped. We have a few custom designs created so you can type out your teams name and put your junior high school colors on the design. Create something totally unique for your team. These are great to hold in parades, parents can hold or hang them to support the team, or you can just put them up at the ball field.

We give you the choices when it comes to creating the perfect middle school baseball banner. Once you have chosen the template you like the most, click the customize button to get started modifying the design to your needs.

Choose a template below Start Designing a Banner from Scratch
Middle School Baseball Banners 1
2'x5' and up List Price: $42.00 You Pay: $30.00
Get spirit back into your baseball team when you cheer them on with this.
Middle School Baseball Banners 2
2'x5' and up List Price: $42.00 You Pay: $30.00
Add your own junior high colors by choosing from our wide selection.
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