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If you're marching band is looking to get their name out there or increase exposure at a variety of different type of events then we have the perfect set of products for your. Our vinyl banners for high school bands are reusable and cheap advertising. You can advertise fundraisers, charity events, and money drives with one of our signs. The community will see that it is the local band putting on the drive and they will surely support them. Holding a band camp? Another great use for this type of sign.

Another consideration is if your marching band has a parade banner? We make it easy to use one of our designs as a parade banner. Add the optional top and bottom pole pockets to create a pole banner that only requires two people to hold. Perfect for some middle school volunteers of winter guard to carry.

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High School Marching Band Banners 1
2'x7' and up List Price: $58.80 You Pay: $42.00
Add an optional pole pocket to carry it in a parade.
High School Marching Band Banners 2
2'x5' and up List Price: $42.00 You Pay: $30.00
If you need to use this as a pole banner simply add that on as an option, we make it simple to create parade designs.
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