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Find the perfect vinyl banner for your high school sporting event right here. We have created a huge selection of pre made vinyl banner signs and templates that allow you to choose the design you like and put your own schools names and colors on it. Your high school marching band surely needs a parade banner, we have you covered with a selection of parade banner designs created from scratch for your school. When you have a sporting event pep rally you can make it even better by using a custom vinyl banner at it with your high school mascot and school colors.

Creating a high school banner has never been easier with our online sign designer. We have taken the design work out of the process so all you have to worry about is the personal message on the banner and the colors. Drag and drop and move around the design. All of our vinyl banners for great in high school gyms, hanging off of bleachers, and even in the hall way. All you need is something to tie a rope to and you will be able to hang our product. Indoor or outdoor it doesn't matter they are weather proof for at least a year and as long as you like if you decided to put them indoor.

High School Sports Banners

High School Sports Banners Choose the specific sport you want a sign for and pick from one of our many templates already made for you to choose from.

Pep Rally Banners

Pep Rally Banners for High School Raise school spirit and get the crowd cheering all the way to a victory with this set of layouts for pep rallies.

High School Band Banners

High School Band Vinyl Banners and Signs Make a parade banner or fundraiser drive advertisement to promote your bands money raising drive.

High School Graduation Banners

High School Graduation Vinyl Banners Lots of graduation designs to allow you to find the perfect one for your high school student.
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