Used Truck Vinyl Banners and Signs

Getting attention at a used truck dealership by using outside vinyl banners to promote down payment options, buy here pay here programs and other incentives for the sale of used trucks is a great way to attract customers to your used dealership.

Vinyl banners are meant to attract attention to buyers as they pass by your business, and most car a truck buyers are spontaneous customers. If they see the truck they like or they see an incentive posted on a colorful truck banner that attracts their attention, they will stop and check you out.

Each banner you choose can be modified by changing the intended message, altering the text, changing colors and even adding graphics, but we strongly suggest to make sure your banner remains concise and to the point to ensure your banner advertising campaign is going to be a good one.

Choose a template below Start Designing a Banner from Scratch
Used Trucks 1
2'x4' and up List Price: $33.60 You Pay: $24.00
A customized used truck vinyl sign is just a few clicks away, get started today.
Used Trucks 2
2'x5' and up List Price: $42.00 You Pay: $30.00
If you are getting ready to have a used truck sale purchasing a vinyl sign like this one would be a great idea.
Used Trucks 3
2'x5' and up List Price: $42.00 You Pay: $30.00
Personalize this used pickup truck custom banner with our online design tools.
Used Trucks 4
2'x5' and up List Price: $42.00 You Pay: $30.00
If you sell used commercial trucks a custom vinyl banner like this one may be just what you need to give your business a boost.
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