Truck Wash Vinyl Signs and Banners

As one has driven down the Interstate at times, you will notice a truck wash that eighteen wheelers will use to wash their trucks when they get dirty. These specialty truck wash services are usually set off the road a bit and need to promote their truck was to truckers as they drive by. Using large vinyl banners for this purpose is absolutely one of the best ways to attract attention to your truck was and get customers using your services.

Another reason for using vinyl banners at a truck wash includes the simple fact that most truckers are not from around the community. This means that local advertising simply will not do the job to attract your passing through truckers as they are driving through your city to another destination. However, vinyl banners will get their attention and even your out of town truckers will see your services and decide to stop to get a good truck washing before they move on..

Each banner you choose can be modified by changing the intended message, altering the text, changing colors and even adding graphics, but we strongly suggest to make sure your banner remains concise and to the point to ensure your banner advertising campaign is going to be a good one.

Choose a template below Start Designing a Banner from Scratch
Truck Wash 1
2'x5' and up List Price: $42.00 You Pay: $30.00
Tell customers driving by around your business that you offer truck wash services.
Truck Wash 2
2'x5' and up List Price: $42.00 You Pay: $30.00
This custom mobile truck wash sign is ideal for businesses that steam or power wash trucks.
Truck Wash 3
2'x5' and up List Price: $42.00 You Pay: $30.00
An automatic truck wash is a very handy thing to have, make sure your customers know you offer this by adding this banner to your advertising.
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